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If "you" are one of those people who are far too poorly paid, receive hardly any recognition, have to work a lot, hardly have any free time or are simply no longer satisfied with their job.

Should "you" definitely look for an alternative or 
how long do you want to waste valuable life time?


Because flexibility means more and more quality of life & independence ✓
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Because cheap to free cars protect your wallet ✓
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 So that "YOU" and your "family" have more of life ✓
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 Because it is always easier to make a career in a team and thanks to our free academy ✓
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Successful is who makes others successful!

 "YOU" are very welcome to our team.

Our mission is "YOUR SUCCESS / YOUR CAREER!"

We support each other in network marketing.

Through cohesion, friendships are created and your personality & independence grows.
You will be additionally rewarded for your performance and success.

With a lot of recognition ✓

With chic new cars ✓

With great events and honours ✓

Invitations to travel ✓

And much more...

Be a part of us.

With us to more money, more time and more life!

We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

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Having a job where "you" can organise your activities flexibly in terms of time and also exercise them from anywhere in the world is, in my view, true quality of life & independence. The pressure in the "normal working world" is getting bigger and bigger.

Many young people are already setting up for 50 long years of work, in which they have to work at least 40 hours every week from Monday to Friday or even on weekends.

Many people want more flexible working hours, become independent or a home office / network marketing, as they also want to take care of their children at home after parental leave. If you have the serious desire not to have to spend "your" whole life working, would like to be active from home or on the go, you should also build a "business to go" with our support.

Sign up for my next webinar and find out what opportunities and opportunities you have to make a career. To receive a free invitation to this webinar, fill out the contact form.

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Did you know that most people in your life spend between €250,000 and €350,000 on the purchase of a car / new car and that requires about 25% of the monthly income? Already quite expensive, the German's favourite hobby! Isn't it then basically interesting for you to be able to drive your car / new car for free? As a junior manager (first bonus level) in our team, you build your own small team and from a turnover of 2000€, you can immediately order a car / new car (most partners need six to eight weeks for this). You can then drive the following models with mega small net leasing rates without special leasing payment and transfer costs and receive an additional €250 fast-track bonus per month because you are a junior manager!

Audi Q2 – 179€ ★ Mercedes A200 Limousine – 155€ ★ Mercedes A-Klasse Kompakt – 125€ ★ Mercedes B-180 – 145€ ★ Smart Forfour – 89€ ★ Smart Fortwo Cabriolet – 109€ ★ VW Tiguan Comfortline – 160€ ★ Golf 5-Türer – 115€ ★ Golf GTI 245 PS – 119€ ★ Passat Variant – 139€ ★ VW Polo Highline TSI – 115€ ★ VW T-Roc – 147€

By the way, you will be replaced by the leasing rate another €55 net if you are in the junior manager level. Then the Golf GTI, for example, only costs you 64€ per month.

By the way, in the Manager level (second bonus level), if you have built up a turnover of €4,000 with your team, you will not receive an additional €55 car bonus, but even €110, so that the Golf GTI will then only cost you a fabulous €9 per month!

By the way, from the Organisation level, the world of auto-premium classes opens up for you. Do you like Porsche or the Mercedes AMG GT? As an gue leader, you will receive between 406€ and 1300€ car bonus to realise "YOUR" dreams. Write to us if you are interested in the car concept.

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What can really make your life more liveable?

Are there things like more free time, more vacation, more income, career, independence and more time for you and your family? Even though we all have different views on our quality of life, more time for ourselves and the family, in over 90% of people, is desirable.

Unfortunately, your opportunities as an employee (e.g. mom's life) are usually so limited that an increase in quality of life is only reserved for a few. Today I know that as an employee you always work for the goals of other people and only a change to the entrepreneurial side can bring about a change such as independence.

You can find out how you can become an entrepreneur without previous knowledge of network marketing in my webinar. To receive an invitation to this webinar, fill out the contact form.

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Because we move people!


Our success is based on showing our team and coaching for free how to earn €1000 and more (unlimited possible) per month part-time and thus building a successful and better life / career.

If you are also a team player and are currently looking for a new challenge, then contact us directly via the form.
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Start your career / self-employment in the LR Masters Team