What is actually


Network marketing is a special form of direct sales.

Items or services are sold "directly" to the end consumer. That's why there is "no" intermediary and "no warehousing".

This type of marketing is also called structural sales or recommendation marketing.

How does network marketing work? ?

Customers participate in the distribution of the products or services.

This allows them to become the sales partner of the company.

The other part is the establishment of a sales team. This means building your team with new sales partners.

The originating company pays commissions for the profits and the more resulting sales of these additionally involved in the distribution.

Unfortunately, network marketing is often wrongly associated with pyramid schemes.

This unsettles many people and they do not dare to work in this area.

Let's make a comparison:

What is a pyramid scheme?

  • The company does not offer real goods
  • Goods are resold to sales partners (downline) at higher prices
  • Business is based on the payment of "bounty"
  • Additional offers such as seminars and training materials are the focus and are sold

What is network marketing?

  • Real goods / products
  • Purchase of goods at always the same conditions
  • Commissions only flow when sales are generated by movement of goods
  • Goods / products of the company are the focus


Network marketing is "no":

  1. Snowball system
  2. Pyramid system
  3. Chain letter
  4. "Quick-rich-get-system"

Unfortunately, too many people do not have the knowledge to understand the difference. It is fundamentally important here.

You could also see it as a construction of branches, only that it does not require employees, real estate, shop rent, warehousing, nor high investments.

Let's make another comparison:

Employee relationship vs. Network marketing

Employee relationship:

  • Contractual commitment (time for money)
  • Subject to instructions
  • Dependence on the employer
  • Financial dissatisfaction
  • Poor retirement provision
  • From 40 risk group in case of rationalisation
  • Often unhappy and dissatisfied in the job


  • "No" contractual commitment ✓
  • Exit possible at any time ✓
  • Low or no investment costs ✓
  • Free time management, entrepreneurial freedom ✓
  • More time for family ✓
  • Not location-bound ✓
  • International business ✓
  • Part-time entry ✓
  • Almost unlimited income opportunities ✓

Of course, there are also a few prerequisites in network marketing:


  • "YOU" must also work purposefully and sustainably in network marketing
  • Willingness for further training must be available
  • Constant learning is a simple basic condition

But it offers so many possibilities and advantages ✓

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